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Nicole struggled with isolation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and hyper vivid dreams since a very young age. While this suffering attuned her compassion for the human experience, it overwhelmed her capacity to know herself. It wasn't until she committed to a traditional daily yoga practice of breathwork, meditation, posture, mudra, chanting, visualization, and sound healing that she began to uncover the infinite wells of mystery and healing within. She fell in love with the effectiveness of Nepalese singing bowls and gongs in dispelling physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses, and they facilitated a restoration of her mystical sense of adventure and primal communication with life.


As psychic and energetic awareness increased, Nicole found it was even more important to study with a variety of teachers and source the simple threads of truth that ran through their many paths. Healing touch emerged as a deep need for herself as well as those around her, and she began to discover the incredible potential of touch and energetic awareness working together to integrate deep wounds of trauma. The intelligence and wisdom of Reiki revealed to her the infinite possibilities of what aligning people to their native vitality can accomplish. As a sensitive and empathic person, she was amazed to find a healing practice that was more powerful because of its gentleness, non-forcing, and its insistence on setting the ego aside, and realized that the greatest power is in the lightest touch.

Nicole's passion is to connect others to their unique and complete stream of vitality that is always seeking reunion. She sees that at the fundamental level, all healing occurs through a shift in perspective, and that we are all capable and deserving of the freedom, awareness, and creativity to shift perspectives at will. She works with each person wherever they are, with the intention of their highest good, and upholds the integrity of their truth with deep respect.

Image by Rui  Silvestre

What is Reiki?

In Japanese “rei” means universal and “ki” means "vital life force energy". "Reiki" is a term used to describe the flow of vitality that moves through all living things, and also has been described as the force of unconditional love. The practice of Reiki taps into this source of thoroughly nourishing and abundant spiritual energy that is not tied to any specific religion or nationality.


Reiki induces a state of deep relaxation that allows for transformational healing on physical, emotional, and mental levels. Barriers to self realization are released as the client naturally entrains to their innate capacity to heal and thrive. Looping patterns that keep the client stuck in a limited perspective are expanded and reintegrated for the opportunity to experience life with greater awareness. Relationships are seen in a clearer light and inspire authenticity. Pain subsides and messages from deep within the body are willingly communicated.


Many people report experiencing more clarity, confidence, peace, self-trust, resiliency, and creativity in the hours, days, and weeks after a Reiki session. Perhaps the greatest gift of Reiki is its ability to reveal the pathways of choice that we have to create lives imbued with our soul's purpose. In this way, Reiki weaves mystery, magic, and awe back into our lives.

Why sound?

Have you ever witnessed live music and felt the vibrations of a bass or drum that was so low that it vibrated your body? Have you ever heard the piercing clarity of a bell that instantly brought your awareness into the moment? Have you ever been soothed into a trance through the gentle ambience of a repetitive sound?


Sometimes these sounds can be jarring and annoying, but they can also be therapeutic when used intentionally for the purpose of healing. For thousands of years, every human culture has evolved the use of sound to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual release and cohesion. Journeying with sound is perhaps our oldest and ever-relevant method of medicine.


Introducing specific fields of resonance through healing sounds to the body creates an immediate affect. Through the process of entrainment, the body is encouraged to energetically reorganize into a more coherent pattern, which shows up in the physical as the relief of blockages and activation of sluggish cells. The vibrational conversation that occurs between the body and the instruments is a deep one that spans beyond the conscious mind. It is through this conversation that the body's natural systems are inspired to find new and refreshed pathways of health, vitality, creativity, and conscious choice.

Many people report experiences of spontaneous insight, increased energy, clarity of mind, sustainable focus, calm wellbeing, and attunement to extrasensory perception when working with sound in this way.

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